NeoStrata, from the founder of legendary Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) or commonly known as fruit acid may not sound remote to you. But do you know that Drs. Eugene Van Scott and Ruey Yu were the founders of this amazing technology? Not only did they create this technology, they have also founded NeoStrata Company, Inc.

AHAs were first founded for the therapeutic use in regulating cell turnover for ichthyosis patients. With extremely positive results, further studies were conducted to observe the interaction of AHAs with bio-active compounds. Surprising results displayed that the formula is able to rejuvenate older damaged skin through enhanced cell renewal and the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and collagen fibres.

Promising results encouraged the development of the 2nd and 3rd generation of the acids. Gluconolactone (a Polyhydroxy Acid) and Lactobionic acid respectively were discovered to broaden the usage and benefits seen in the 1st generation AHAs. Additional antioxidant, added hydration and anti-aging benefits were discovered in the newer generations. Appending to the mentioned benefits, the molecule for Gluconolactone and Lactobionic acid is larger than AHAs, thus they penetrate into the skin in a gentler way. Furthermore, Gluconolactone and Lactobionic acid is 4 and 8 times respectively more moisturising in keeping the skin soft and supple as compared to AHAs.

Adding on, Lactobionic acid, a patented acid derived from milk sugar helps prevent and reverse the appearance of photoaging, including fine lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, enlarged pores and roughness. All these could not be possible without the potent antioxidant properties in Lactobionic acid, inhibiting the MMP enzymes responsible for degradation of collagen and consequent wrinkling and skin laxity.

Activating your skin, reliving your youth

Founder of Legendary AHA

Youth, this is one memory where many reminisce. Collagen and elastin are two of the many compounds in our skin that degrade daily through the environmental aggressors, especially sun UV rays. Now with the all-new Skin Active products, you will be able to experience and relive those youthful days.

Employing a multi-mechanism approach that includes Aminofil™, NeoGlucosamine®, NeoCitrate™, Peptides, Polyhydroxy Acid, Retinol and multiple antioxidants that target all the signs of aging. Skin Active products deliver results, promoting visibly younger looking skin with a firmer, more lifted appearance, smoother texture, elasticity and diminished appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Latest additional to the range, Line Lift duo, which is formulated with key ingredients such as patented Aminofil™, NeoGlucosamine® and NeoCitrate™, delivering amazing and promising results. These ingredients are able to plump up the deep lines and folds through the stimulation of skin’s natural fillers – Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen. It is clinically proven that the use of both products are able to plump up deep lines and folds as early as 4 weeks, and significantly good results from 12 weeks.

Result Percentage

The clinical results that give you the confidence

Clinical Evidence

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Clinical study is always an important procedure for NeoStrata to evaluate the safety and efficacy of any of their product. Only products that are safe, effective and efficient will be further developed into actual products for end users.

During a 30 weeks Skin Active regimen study, the following positive results were observed after a 16 weeks* study:
98% smooth skin texture
95% more firm and radiant skin
91% a younger look with less noticeable wrinkles
79% less apparent brown spots
*All results are based on participants’ self-assessment

Brighten. Glow. Radiance.

Dullness. Dark spots. These are some of the factors that may be covering the radiant glow behind the skin. Specially formulated to cater to your needs, Enlighten Trio is able to unveil the dullness and promote luminosity in the skin.

With this wonderful range where everyone desires, you will not have to consider applying home remedies like Turmeric powder on your skin. The exclusive mix of ingredients including Sabiwhite®, Gigawhite™, Retinol and NeoGlucosamine® in the Enlighten Trio range works synergistically to promote fairness and even skin tone, encouraging a youthful glowing skin.

The revolution. Putting the right things to where it belongs.

Temple University’s Skin and Cancer Hospital Team Drs. Eugene Van Scott and Ruey Yu

In 1969, Drs. Eugene Van Scott and Ruey Yu met in Temple University’s Skin and Cancer Hospital in Philadelphia. It was here where the initial collaboration between the two doctors started. Due to their common passion in the treatment of skin diseases, it led them to search for a compound that could instil positive influence...

Alpha Hydroxy Acids was the discovery of the two doctors. It showed extremely promising results in the treatment of ichthyosis where patients returned with normal skin on areas where AHAs were applied. Embarking in deeper and more extensive research, their effort was paid off with the landmark publication in October 1974 Archives of Dermatology, where the newly discovered Alpha Hydroxy Acids were introduced to the dermatology community. Following the first publication, the doctors filed for their first patent for Alpha Hydroxy Acids, entitled Treatment of Ichthyosiform Dermatoses, dated April 22, 1975.

Four decades since the initial discovery, AHAs are now still widely used in various formulations and applications by dermatologists and many skin care companies. Avon's Anew® in the early 1990s was the first cosmetic skin care product to license the anti-aging benefits of AHAs. Drs. Van Scott and Yu have licensed their inventions over the years to several companies including Bristol-Myers Squibb (Westwood Division), Avon, Chesebrough Ponds, L'Oreal, Medicis, Pfizer, Aventis, and many others.

All these weren’t possible without NeoStrata Company, Inc., founded in 1988. NeoStrata Company, Inc. was founded for the main objective of commercializing the research of the two doctors and making them available to the community. NeoStrata Company, located in Princeton, New Jersey, continues their research and develops clinically-proven brands such as NeoStrata and Exuviance.

Till date, Drs. Eugene Van Scott and Ruey Yu own more than 110 patents, and have published close to 200 papers and over 50 papers respectively. Gluconolactone and Lactobionic acid were the 2nd and 3rd generation AHAs discovered to show better results as compared to the 1st generation AHAs in terms of treatment for photodamaged skin and sensitive skin.

Through these years, other acids and non-acids AHAs were discovered to address concerns such as aging, uneven skin tone, acne and dullness. The doctors’ commitment to the community is deeply recognized through the achievement of 2010 Discovery Award. This award is awarded by The Dermatology Foundation where they recognize outstanding investigators whose research discoveries have had major impact on the treatment of skin diseases. These investigators are usually the speciality leaders and role models nominated by their peers for their outstanding contributions to dermatology.

According to Dermatology Foundation Publication 2011, Drs. Eugene Van Scott and Ruey Yu continue to find “excitement in the search” as they look for ways to normalize diseased skin more permanently. Their ultimate focus – from the very start – has been psoriasis. “Dr. Ruey Yu and I had agreed that in our lifetime, we are going to find that answer.”